Egermier Builders Inc

Country Club Project

Omaha Municipal Land Bank did a beautiful story on our involvement with a historical project.  Great before and after shots with lots of testimonial from contractors working on the home as well as how it was embraced by the neighborhood.

Project in the news

KETV, Omaha, NE local news station, did a story on us working with the Omaha Municipal Land Bank and current owners to repair and renovate this historical home.   The project was embraced not only by the neighborhood but the Omaha community as a whole.

Field Club Project

We worked with the City of Omaha on a home heading towards "knock down."  This home was believed to be designed by the famous Omaha architect John McDonald.  The neighborhood and past residents watched this renovation closely and were ecstatic to have the beloved home saved. 

Morton Meadow Project

We took this modest home that the previous owner loved but just didn't have the financial means to get it back to it's glory.  We were proud to make this a great home once again for it's new owners.