Egermier Builders Inc

About Us



Rick and Maureen Egermier, are a husband and wife team. They have a proven process that will add value to your home. They are seasoned contractors, qualified to build ground up  or even one room projects, as well as, being successful real estate investors By contracting with Egermier Builders, you have hired the right professionals.  They will work tirelessly to make your construction project a smooth and hassle free experience. 



Rick and Maureen founded Egermier Builders Inc in 1994 by running a single residential framing crew which grew to multiple crews within a couple of years. As the housing market continued to boom in the late 1990’s they took advantage of Rick’s strong network of subcontractors and Maureen’s business sense, and started general contracting for high end middle class homes.

Just like everywhere else in the United States, the Omaha, Nebraska market also crashed in 2007. They were fortunate to be able to continue to do what they knew and loved but switched from the custom home building to remodeling and restoration for now over a decade.

They have been blessed to be able to provide a great life for their five children but always feel they need to be a continued example of learning and growth to them. So at the end of 2012 they decided to complement our construction and knack for design by becoming more involved on the real estate side of the housing market by opening RME Properties Inc. We still continue to work directly with our clients on their project but in 2015 the market in Omaha craved more homes so we began building ground up 



Rick received a degree in construction management from Northeast Community College and is a certified License C Contractor for the Omaha, Nebraska and surrounding area. He works directly with each city’s Planning Departments and maintains a long standing partnership with his subcontractors. Rick has a flair for solving problems on both the technical and skill side of the business by always keeping the clients needs first.

Maureen studied Business Management at University of Nebraska in Omaha and worked many years on the customer service side of the insurance and marketing industries as an account manager while always maintaining the back end office for their family businesses. As a business owner she became the “jack of all trades” by teaching herself how to IT troubleshoot, layout graphics for print, social media, or web campaigns, Quickbooks semi expert, financial analysis, streamline work flow to online applications, and still maintains her customer service ethics. She has always had an eye for design and knows how the company should be seen to the public.